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Add a brush of class to your work. Whether you like digital hyper—reality long for valiant washes of old or need subtle balance in the flat, we've got you colored.
Some of our color artists were digitally coloring comic book artwork before anyone said it could be done. They were told, at the time, that they should concentrate on marker proofing and color guiding. With few exceptions, these processes are a thing of the past and computer colors now dominate the local comic books shelves.

However, we believe that each project is special. And coloring should be approached in a way much similar to selecting a penciller for a story, choosing a font for that story and picking a the paper on which it should be printed. All of these things help create a mood in your book that needs to help advance the story.

In the same way, so should color. Is your book classic, superhero fare that needs subtle flats and soft highlights. Is your story hard-edged, crime noir with gritty plot and even grittier pages?

Let us know if digital colors are even something you want for your book. Perhaps a much more painterly ink wash is what you need.

See a smattering of color in the column at left, and flip us a coin if you think our color is what you want between your lines.

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