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Atomic Dragon
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Heaven's Devils
Image Comics
Thompson Knox

Heaven's Devils
Image Comics
Thompson Knox

There's no story without the words. Whether prose on a page or in a bubble, letters are inseparable from your message. Make sure it gets across concisely.
There are a handful of studios in existence who are performing a lion's share of the lettering duties for today's comic books—especially top-line superhero books at Marvel and DC. But have you really looked at these letters?

Just because letters have gone digital, doesn't mean they have to be boring. In many ways the last several years have taken the artistry out of lettering and turned it into a 12-page-per-day production job. Knowing a vector-based drawing tool is not enough knowledge to create truly interesting, yet understated lettering.

Remember when balloons weren't all the same shape? Remember when balloon tails had character, even grace? We do! And we will make sure that you're reminded how interesting letters in a book can be each and every time you look at the book we letter for you.

Take a look at our lettering samples in the column at left, and ask us how we can bring the dynamics back into lettering on your project.

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